I think I have forgotten to mention that Abigail now has two words!
Ma-ma is actually her newer word, and she doesn't use it as often as Da-da. It's a little unclear if mama means Mommy, or just means milk. Typically she uses mamama when she wants to nurse, but only occasionally.
She started saying Da-da a while ago, but at first we weren't sure whether it was a word or just her favorite noise to make. We have now determined that Da-da is both a word and her favorite noise to make. She calls most things dadadada, or some similar variation of the "da" sound. BUT, she has a very particular way of saying Da-da or Da-di when she is actually talking about Daddy.
One time that she almost always says Da-da is whenever my cell phone rings. If Aaron calls while he is at work, I have gotten in the habit of putting him on speaker phone so Abigail can hear him. She gets very excited to talk to him, and now she actually gets upset if I don't turn on the speakerphone.
Yesterday, my phone was sitting on the couch and she grabbed it, put it up to her ear, and said "Da-da?" She looked at me quizzically, investigated the phone, and then did it again - "Da-da?" Very cute!
Today, I was feeding Abigail dinner around 5:40pm. Usually by that time Aaron is home from work, or he has called to let us know when he will be home. Abigail stopped eating for a minute and put her hand up to her ear and said "Da-da?" Apparently she thought it was about time for him to call.
Here she is practicing her phone skills:


sharon Opsal March 14, 2006 at 4:06 PM  

Dearest Abigail, mama and dada!
This is from Auntie Sharon out in soggy California where the rain never stops.
A new blankie will be winging it's way off my knitting needles to you this day. Please know it was knit with love in every stitch. And if the color isn't just what you want, just tell me and I'll make you another in colors of your choice. I tried to stay with the theme of sage and peach but there's some olive in it too.

With lots of love, Great Auntie Sharon and Uncle Jonny (he's great too!)

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