A Birthday Song for Great Nana

Today is Great-Nana Hope's 75th birthday!!
Happy Birthday!
Here is Abigail playing a little Happy Birthday song on her toy piano...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Great Nana, Happy Birthday to you!

Swimming with Grandpa

Last night Abigail went swimming with Grandpa. We all had a great time!

Pictures from Oregon

Sorry for the long delay since the last post. Here are a few pictures from Grandma & Grandpa's house:


Abigail had her first swim lesson on Saturday. It took her a little while to get comfortable around all the kids, but by the end she was enjoying herself. Here she is on a big, floating snake.

Abigail has been trying to unroll the toilet paper ever since she could move around on her own. Until now, we had managed to keep her away from it, but she snuck in there when I wasn't looking...

Ducky and Yucky

This weekend is another home show. The booth next to Aaron's had some adorable little ducklings swimming in their pond. One of the people running that display brought a ducky over for Abigail to see. She wasn't quite sure what to think.

Abigail's eyes started filling up with yucky green goop this afternoon. We're hoping it's just a clogged tear duct, and are treating it accordingly. We are ready for her to be fully healthy again. She's just been hit with one thing after another.

A Very Photogenic Day

Abigail kept doing cute things today. A few excerpts...

I do not want to wear a bib!
I thought I'd try to keep Abigail's shirt safe from strawberry stains, but Abigail had other ideas...

Let's go shopping!!
Abigail found one of my purses and spent about 15-20 minutes carrying it around the house...

Take me to the beach!!
Abigail starts Water Baby classes on Saturday, so today we tried out her swimsuit to be sure it fit...

Hanging Out With Caleb

I haven't posted very many pictures with Caleb in them, but he is one of Abigail's favorite people. He has lived with us since the end of the summer, so Abigail sees him just about every day. After he got home from work today, she just sat in his lap playing with his phone.

Just A Couple Pics

Abigail trying to grab a stream of water:

Abigail taking a bite out of a mango:

Locked Out and Yucky Nose

We finally got the child-proof latches installed on some of our cabinets. Abigail spent about 5 minutes trying to open this cabinet before she gave up and found something else to do.

Abigail is still fighting off a cough and runny nose. I have to wipe her snotty nose a gazillion times a day, so I thought I'd share the joy with you all...

Kissy, Kissy and Taking The Kitty For A Ride

Wouldn't you love to have a big, wet, slobbery kiss from Abigail? She is starting to show her affection by giving kisses. Usually that means basically licking or sucking on the mouth or face of the person she is kissing. (It's amazing how many similarities I notice between Abigail and a puppy...!) Anyway, here she is working on smooching my face.

Abigail has been doing a lot of walking the last few days. She still likes to walk around holding onto my hand, or pushing something, but she is also getting very comfortable walking on her own. Here she is taking her kitty cat for a ride in her walker.

Health Update

Abigail did finally kick the chicken pox early this week. She still has some scabs, and a couple of the bigger spots look like they might leave little scars. But for the most part she handled the whole ordeal without any huge problems.
A couple days after the chicken pox were finally over, Abigail developed a nasty-sounding cough. We're still not sure if it's just a cold (she has a runny nose and is sneezing, too), or if it might be leftover from the chicken pox (the Dr. suggested this possibility), or if it's something else entirely. The hardest part has been that she is waking up during the night because of the coughing. She usually goes back to sleep on her own with no problem, but it makes her tired all day, so she's a extra-cranky and needy. (She also has been having a lot of difficulty napping ever since the chicken pox.) We're praying that she will be back to full health soon.
At her last checkup the doctor heard a heart murmur and wanted to check to be sure it was nothing to be concerned about. On Wednesday, Abigail went in to the cardiology clinic to have an ultrasound on her heart. She did not enjoy the experience. She had to lie relatively still on the exam table while the tech rubbed a wand all over her chest. At first she was just confused, but it took a while to complete the scan, so after a few minutes she was really not happy. She made it through ok, and we were happy to hear yesterday that everything looked normal, so the murmur is not a problem.

What Do Peas Feel Like?

Today, Abigail was very interested in feeling her food. I gave in and let her make a mess. She seemed very intrigued.

Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Thanks Great-Auntie Sharon! Today Abigail got a new, pretty blanket that Great-Auntie Sharon knit for her. When it arrived in the mail, Abigail had lots of fun pulling it out of the box and putting it back in. It is super soft, and tonight she is cuddled up in it as she sleeps.

Copycat and Self Portrait

Abigail is starting to enjoy mimicking our actions and expressions, and trying to get us to mimick hers. Like I mentioned yesterday, she likes to talk on the phone (or pretend to). She also will copy us if we prompt her to clap her hands or wave. She likes to get us to copy her by laying her head down or sticking out her tongue and going "Pbbbthhhh". It's very cute, so we always end up doing it back, even though we don't really want to be encouraging her to stick her tongue out at people.

Here is a self-portrait by Abigail:


I think I have forgotten to mention that Abigail now has two words!
Ma-ma is actually her newer word, and she doesn't use it as often as Da-da. It's a little unclear if mama means Mommy, or just means milk. Typically she uses mamama when she wants to nurse, but only occasionally.
She started saying Da-da a while ago, but at first we weren't sure whether it was a word or just her favorite noise to make. We have now determined that Da-da is both a word and her favorite noise to make. She calls most things dadadada, or some similar variation of the "da" sound. BUT, she has a very particular way of saying Da-da or Da-di when she is actually talking about Daddy.
One time that she almost always says Da-da is whenever my cell phone rings. If Aaron calls while he is at work, I have gotten in the habit of putting him on speaker phone so Abigail can hear him. She gets very excited to talk to him, and now she actually gets upset if I don't turn on the speakerphone.
Yesterday, my phone was sitting on the couch and she grabbed it, put it up to her ear, and said "Da-da?" She looked at me quizzically, investigated the phone, and then did it again - "Da-da?" Very cute!
Today, I was feeding Abigail dinner around 5:40pm. Usually by that time Aaron is home from work, or he has called to let us know when he will be home. Abigail stopped eating for a minute and put her hand up to her ear and said "Da-da?" Apparently she thought it was about time for him to call.
Here she is practicing her phone skills:

Time To Break Out The Sunscreen!

We really got into the mood for summer today. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we spent some time working outside to take advantage of the sunshine. Abigail wore a sundress, and I had to slather her with sunscreen. We even broke out the sun bonnet and sunglasses for her. Good thing the bonnet has a chin-strap on it, or it would have been pulled off in no time. I can't say the same for the sunglasses. They will probably not see much functional use this year. I don't think there's any hope for them to stay in place.

Look What I Can Do!

Abigail is starting to grab anything she can reach and try to use it to help her walk. In this picture there are two baskets and a walker that she pushed across the room. She doesn't really know how to turn, so when she runs into a wall she waits for someone to turn her around, or goes and finds something else to push. (She won't actually sit in the walker, she just likes to hang onto the outside of it. If we try to put her in the actual seat, she cries until we take her out!)

Here's a look at Abigail's new tooth.

No Trip, Abigail's New Friend, and Walking for Real

Well, today Southwest flight 359 landed in Portland without us. Abigail's chickenpox have not cleared up, so we were not able to take our scheduled trip to Oregon for Victoria's wedding. We'll visit another time, but we'll miss out on the big event.

Here at home, Caleb's fiancee, Clarissa, has been visiting this week (she lives in Texas). Abigail has been enjoying having her around the house. Today Clarissa bought Abigail and Caleb some cute matching mugs.

In other Abigail news - She started REALLY walking today. She walked longer distances multiple times in a row, all throughout the day. It was so fun to see her get really excited about practicing this new mode of transportation.

Three Teeth!

Abigail is officially getting her third tooth. She is cutting a tooth just to the right of the two bottom teeth that she has already. It started to poke out through her gums today, so in the next couple days it should be fully visible. I tried to get a picture of it, but it's really hard to get a picture inside her mouth!

Itchy, itchy

Abigail's chickenpox are definitely making their presence known, but it could be a lot worse. So far she's still handling things pretty well. The good thing about her being so young is that she doesn't isn't really trying to scratch herself very much. Sometimes she pulls at her clothes, but she hasn't figured out that scratching an itchy spot makes it feel better. We're still hoping and praying that she'll get through this fast, but so far most the spots are just beginning to blister. Doesn't look like they'll be scabbed over (and therefore no longer contagious) in time for us to go to Oregon on Wednesday. But, we'll just keep praying and see what the next couple days bring.

I Have Every Right To Be Cranky!! (Mar. 4)

Poor Abigail, she is really a trooper. Not only is she battling the chicken pox, but she is also teething. She has been uncomfortable quite a bit, but is still able to play and smile throughout the day. She is extra-cranky, but I think I would be too if I was in her shoes!

Messy Girl

Do kids just know that they can get away with more when they're feeling yucky? Abigail seems to be getting into everything today. Since she has been feeling so crummy, I have been more lenient with letting her play with things that are usually off-limits. Most of the time she has just been fussy and wanting to be held, so when she found something she wanted to play with, I didn't want to take it away. That was working out fine until she decided to play with the box of cocoa mix. She was having a good time pulling the packets out of the box and putting them back in, so I thought it was fine. Next thing I know I look over and she has chocolate all over! She chewed open one of the packages and was gleefully licking out the contents.

After I got her cleaned up from the chocolate incident, we went back to the office and I tried to get her to play with her toys. That did not work. She was only interested in ripping pages out of the phone book. She got through Z, Y, X and worked her way into the W's before I decided that although it was kind of funny, this was not the kind of behavior that I wanted to encourage.

After so much mischief, Abigail was getting cranky and was ready for some milk and a nap. We snuggled up on the couch and she/we took a nice long nap. She was covered by a blanket, so she was very sweaty when she woke up. Talk about bed head!

Tonight after Daddy and Caleb got home from work, she was in a much better mood. I don't know if she's starting to feel better or if it was just easier to be in a good mood with more people around paying attention to her. Either way, she seemed to be feeling a lot better tonight. We're praying that she will knock out these chicken pox really fast, because we are supposed to go to Oregon next Wednesday for Victoria's wedding. I'm not counting on getting to go. It's pretty unlikely that she'll be past the contagious stage by then. But, Jesus heals, so we're going to pray that she does get better super-fast!

The Dreaded Chicken Pox

Abigail has been feeling a little under the weather for the last few days. She was having a slight reaction to one of her immunizations (for a couple days she had a red welt on her leg where the shot was given). She had a fever, and I thought it was part of the reaction. She also has a runny nose and cough, which we thought were from her teething. But then we noticed a couple red spots developing on her face and chest. She has one on her face that looks like a fluid-filled blister. This morning I found more red spots, and a call to the Doctor confirmed my suspicion...Abigail probably has chickenpox. As you can see, she is not breaking out really bad at this point, but there are definitely a number of spots all over.

Considering this is her first real illness, she is coping pretty well. She is definitely not at the top of her game, but so far the spots don't seem to be itching or bothering her. She is mostly just extra tired and wants to be held ALL THE TIME!! These pictures are from last night. Abigail has been more tired than usual, especially when the fever is higher. She fell asleep on Aaron shortly after he got home from work.

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