Addie Kunkel is the daughter of a friend. She just had her first birthday on Jan. 20. She had a bone marrow transplant on the 30th in an attempt to heal a rare blood disorder that she has been battling for the last few months. She is currently having some very serious complications that are a potential threat to her life. The most problematic thing right now is VOD (liver toxicity), which is causing her liver to be severely enlarged. She is very sick. There is a risk that she could have multiple organ failure if her immune system does not begin to function soon to defeat the VOD. Please pray that her body would accept the donor bone marrow and begin to fight the sickness in her body. Or better yet, that the Lord would touch her with a miraculous, instantaneous healing. Also, please pray for her parents, as this is terrifying for them. They are leaning on the Lord, but it is so agonizing to watch their daughter suffer and not know what is going to happen.

Addie has a web page that is updated daily with her condition, and has background on her story, and a place for people to leave comments, prayers, etc. If you would like to visit her page, click on "Please Pray for Addie" above.

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