Oh, How I Love To Walk!

Abigail is busy at work learning to walk more independently. She still loves to walk while holding onto people, but now she has also discovered the joy of pushing a chair around the house. She hasn't figured out how to change direction, so she just walks until she runs into something, then whines/cries for me to move the chair so she can walk some more!
Tonight, Aaron and I played "pass the baby" after dinner. We sat on the floor facing each other and Abigail practiced walking from one of us to the other. She took steps a bunch of times, and just stood, leaned, crawled, or plopped the rest of the time. It was lots of fun, and we could see that she was really enjoying it. She would get really excited and squeal when she was standing on her own. After taking steps to reach one of us she would grin from ear to ear, looking so excited and proud of herself. We are very proud of her, of course - and we told her that over and over as we played.

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