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Last night Abigail took 6 steps in a row!! We left her with babysitters (Joe & Jamie) so we could go out to dinner, and right before we left she took six steps toward Joe! She took one more step today, and has tried just standing in place a few more times. She is really getting close to walking as a mode of transportation.

Today we had Abigail's Doctor appointment for immunizations and a check-up. She weighs just under 20 pounds and is in the 65%ile for weight. She is 29 1/2 inches long and is in the 95%ile for length/height. They said that since she is getting to be so active, it's normal for her weight to taper off. We thought she weighed 19.5 lbs. at Christmas, so either we were wrong, or she's really been burning calories like crazy with all that walking.
The doctor also heard a slight heart murmur during the check-up. She said it's probably nothing to be concerned about, but is sending us in for an ultrasound just to check things out. Will let you know when we know anything else about that.

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