Feb. 23 - Pandora's Box

Typically, the kitchen cupboards are off-limits for Abigail. I will remind her countless times that she is not allowed to open the cupboards or drawers. But yesterday as I was working to prepare dinner for a friend who just had a baby, there was nothing that would keep Abigail's attention long enough to allow me to cook - except the forbidden cabinet. Desperate for her to be occupied long enough for me to finish my task, I checked to be sure there was nothing dangerous inside, then let her go to town. At first she was just investigating the boxes near the door, but soon she had crawled completely inside the cabinet and emptied it of practically all of its contents.
Now whenever Abigail is in the kitchen, she heads for the cupboard door. She thinks that the corner cabinet is her personal playhouse. One day it's off-limits, the next it's playland. So much for consistency being the key to discipline.

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