Everybody's Valentine

When I was in elementary school, we used to put little bags or mailboxes on our desks on Valentines day. Then, during the day everyone would deliver valentines to their friends. At some point it became mandatory that if you brought valentines at all, you had to bring one for everyone in the class. Apparently some kids were getting more valentines than others, and kids who didn't get as many ended up feeling bad.
So, what's my point? If Abigail was in school, she would be the popular girl whose valentine bag was overflowing and making all the other kids jealous. She got another valentine package today - this one from Grandma Grace and Grandpa Peter. Another adorable outfit, and a book and fun toy.
Here she is modeling her new duds, and playing with her toy snail/shape sorter/drum.

Thanks Grandma Grace and Grandpa Peter!

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