Abigail's First Steps!!

Tonight, right before going to bed, Abigail took her first two steps. At first, I set her down on the floor and let go of her hands. She looked down at her hands, then looked up looking slightly puzzled and a little proud of herself - almost as though she saw her hands and thought "Wow, I'm not holding onto anything." She stood there for a moment and looked like she was going to take a step toward me, but then plopped down on the ground. She was really tired and was not happy about being awake, so she was starting to cry when I picked her up. She had been so close to taking a step, I really wanted to see if she would do it. I set her down again and pried her hands free. When I let go of her hands, she stood there for a few seconds looking a little upset, but when I urged her to come to me, she took two wobbly steps before sitting down in frustration. Knowing she was really tired, I wasn't about to try again. So, I didn't get any pictures of the excitement. We'll see if we can get a repeat performance tomorrow.

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