You're Not The Boss of Me!

Abigail is definitely starting to assert her independence. Not only is she getting more mobile, but she can be very adamant about attempting to feed herself. Her dexterity is improving rapidly - she can handle cheerios like an expert. But, when it comes to utensils, she has a long way to go. She tries to grab the spoon while we're feeding her, but even if she gets it into her mouth, she pulls it out with lots of food still on it, then "grabs" the food off the spoon. MESS, mess, mess! Carrots, peas, oatmeal - everywhere. She smears it on her face, on the tray, in her hair. Then she gets excited and flails the spoon, flinging more food into the air. I suppose it's all part of the learning process. And she's so cute, how could I get upset?

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