You Can't Always Get What You Want, and Voracious Appetite For Books

Now that Abigail is crawling, she tries to get into everything she can reach. In my optimism, I am trying to teach Abigail to respond to verbal direction when she's going for a no-no, instead of always just picking her up and moving her away from the tempting but off-limits item. When I say "Abigail, NO", she does seem to understand that I don't want her doing whatever she's doing, but I don't always get the response I'm wanting. (Surprise, surprise.) Sometimes she does crawl away and go find something else. More often she looks up at me with a big fake-looking smile and then a look on her face like "What? I'm your little angel, remember. Please let me, please, please!" Here she is caught in the act while going after a stack of phonebooks.

In my childhood I was a voracious reader, devouring books as fast as I could. Apparently Abigail has a healthy appetite for books too - except she is actually trying to eat them. (Speaking of which - remember those phone books? She ate part of one yesterday. Oh joy.)

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