Why It's A Bad Idea To Have "Bare Bottom" Time After Eating Prunes For Lunch

Today Abigail had some prunes at lunchtime to keep things "running smoothly". Hours later, not thinking about the prunes, I decided she could use some bare-bottom time after being strapped into her diaper for a few days straight. (not the same diaper for a few days, just in diapers in general!) So, I let her roam around her crib for a bit and air out. Imagine my surprise when she started grunting a few minutes later. Oh no! I tried to grab a diaper and get her in it, but it was too late...


Grammy July 23, 2006 at 9:29 AM  

OK, Eeeewww. But at least she is standing far away from it and not "exploring".

Thanks for joining my free for all.

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