Our Daughter, The Genius

So, maybe she hasn't taken an IQ test yet, but Abigail seems to be showing signs of superior intellect. She's learning to wave "goodbye" and "hello" (and "look at me" and "I'm excited" and "that's fun" and.... OK, maybe she's just waving in general - but sometimes it really seems like she's understanding that it's something we do when we are joining or leaving a group of people.)

I've also been starting to attempt to teach her sign language. So far I am working on the signs for eat, more, milk, no, sleep, and change. Almost every time I do the signs, she stops what she's doing at looks at me with interest. She really seems to understand that I'm trying to communicate something to her. Today while I was feeding her some oatmeal, I got distracted and stopped feeding her. After a moment she started putting her hands together over and over - that's the sign for more!!! I don't know if she really understands what she did, or if she was just copying me because I kept doing it while I was feeding her. Either way, I'm convinced that she's brilliant!

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