Jan 4, 5, 6

Jan. 6; Fluorescent Girl: Sorry for no POD yesterday. Aaron and I both got hit with a nasty flu-like bug. Not fun. We’re both feeling better today. Abigail doesn’t seem to have gotten anything, she’s just been happy playing and squealing and flailing her arms – like in this picture.

Jan. 5; Pack Me Up, I'm Coming To Visit: Abigail likes our new suitcase – she either thinks it’s a big toy, or she wants us to ship her back to the Northwest for another visit.

Jan. 4; Flying Home: I know that you all are already suffering from Abigail withdrawal symptoms, so I thought I better resume the Picture of the Day immediately. Here is Abigail on the plane between Las Vegas and Kansas City. We were very happy to end up having all 3 seats in our row, even though we only purchased two tickets. Both legs of our flight were mostly full, but we ended up with an open seat each time. Yeah! It was nice having a little room where Abigail could play. (She did sleep some, but not the whole flight.)

We are glad to be done living out of suitcases, but sad to be away from family again. We had such a great time with all of you. Thanks for all you did to make our trip a great one! Abigail seems very happy to be home, and is quickly learning how to crawl on the slippery wood floors. In her room, there is a mirror with a picture frame attached. In the frame is a picture of all four grandparents. I often try to hold her up to look at the picture, but she would always just get excited about seeing her reflection in the mirror. Today I was holding her and she got excited when she looked in that direction. I held her up to the mirror, thinking that she would give herself sloppy kisses. She ignored the mirror and went right for the picture, grabbing at it and smiling. She loves her grandparents!!

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