Confirmation of my suspicion

Update to Our Daughter the Genius: I decided to do a little experiment this morning to see if Abigail was really "getting" the sign for "more". While I was feeding her, I stopped and looked away. Soon, she started signing "more, more". I smiled and started feeding her again. Then later I stopped again. She started doing the sign again. We did this a couple times, then apparently my experiment was a little too effective. Abigail started doing the sign over and over and over, while I continued to feed her. She apparently thought that she had to keep doing it after every bite, or I would stop. She was grinning the whole time! Eventually, she stopped signing and I kept feeding her. When she seemed to lose interest in food, I stopped again, not sure if she was still hungry or not. She played with the cheerios on her tray for a minute, then started signing again. When I fed her some more she was actively eating - I guess she was still hungry, just needed a break. Nice that she can communicate that, now!

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