Feeling Yucky

Abigail woke up this morning with watery eyes and snot smeared all over her face. She had a massively runny/stuffy nose all day, and just seemed to be feeling gross in general. She took a few long naps (she would only stay asleep while I held her, so I got a couple long naps too) so after she was rested, she would play for a while before getting miserable again. During some of her more enjoyable moments today she practiced "reading" her bible. She loves books right now. She's really interested in turning the pages. Often she babbles after each turn of the page - like she understands that we say something new for each page.

Later, when I let her play with a ziplac bag full of cheerios, she managed to open the bag and dump them all over the floor. You can see the snot glistening on her face, and the drool all over her chest. She got two baths today, and she was still a mess after about 10 minutes! Poor girl, it's tough to feel yucky when the world is just waiting to be explored.

Runners, take your mark...

Abigail wants to walk sooooo bad. She's starting to crawl on her feet instead of her knees sometimes. She wants to hold on to us and walk around the house constantly. She really picked up some speed today. But, she is still scared to stand on her own for more than a couple seconds. Here she is doing her bear-crawl. Looks like she's getting settled in her blocks...maybe she'll be a sprinter like Mommy and Daddy were.


Abigail started giving kisses this week! One time when I picked her up, she grabbed my face and put her lips on mine for a couple seconds, then grinned at me and started giggling. I thought it was a kiss, but I just wasn't sure. Now we know without a doubt. Today she has been giving lots of kisses to both Mommy and Daddy. It's very cute. And pretty slobbery, too. Here she is about to plant one on Daddy's cheek.

Happy 2/3 Birthday! and, Toto, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore.

Today Abigail is 2/3 of a year old (that's 8 months, for the mathematically challenged.) She's growing up so fast! After dinner today, we decided to go to Applebees for some yummy dessert, just for the fun of it. The waitress (Jamie) asked how old Abigail is, and we said "She's 8 months old today." Jamie asked if she could bring her an Oreo for her "birthday" and we said sure. A few minutes later she came out with an Oreo, ice cream, and all of the waitresses in the restaraunt. She did the full birthday announcement ("Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a very special guest with us today. Abigail is here celebrating her 8 month birthday...") They sang their little happy birthday song, and Abigail looked quite perplexed about what was going on. We let her eat just a little bit of the ice cream and oreo, and she loved it.

Today was another gorgeous day. Did we suddenly get transported to Florida or something? Our weather has been amazingly mild. Today the high was 65. Abigail and I took a walk and visited two parks. She loves to play!

Big Day!

New things I did today:

Ate a little bit of orange and some pasta

Realized that I can open and shut drawers and cupboards. (Time to get those baby-safe latches installed!)

Emptied out the diaper bag

Used a laundry basket like a walker and took about 5 steps while pushing it.
(Sorry, no picture for this. Mom was terrified that Abigail was going to fall on her face, so she kept two hands hovering close to her sides - no hands left for a camera. This happened after that Other New Thing I Did Today, so Mom was a little paranoid about falling.)

Another New Thing I Did Today

I know this doesn't make me a bad mom, but it sure made me feel like one: Abigail and I were sitting on the couch and she was looking out the window. It was a gorgeous day, so I decided we should go to the park while we had the chance. It was a little windy, so I wanted Abigail to wear a hat. I got up from the couch and Abigail was engrossed looking out the window, so I left her. On the couch. BAD IDEA! I literally ran to her room (maybe 20 feet away?) to grab her hat, and grabbed a jacket too. As I turned to run back, I heard it - THUD! Yep, there she was on the floor, crying her little eyes out, looking terrified. I felt horrible. She had either fallen or crawled off the couch and it was all my fault. She is fine, no bumps or bruises, but I felt awful. I won't make that mistake again.

You're Not The Boss of Me!

Abigail is definitely starting to assert her independence. Not only is she getting more mobile, but she can be very adamant about attempting to feed herself. Her dexterity is improving rapidly - she can handle cheerios like an expert. But, when it comes to utensils, she has a long way to go. She tries to grab the spoon while we're feeding her, but even if she gets it into her mouth, she pulls it out with lots of food still on it, then "grabs" the food off the spoon. MESS, mess, mess! Carrots, peas, oatmeal - everywhere. She smears it on her face, on the tray, in her hair. Then she gets excited and flails the spoon, flinging more food into the air. I suppose it's all part of the learning process. And she's so cute, how could I get upset?

One Small Step For Abigail, One Giant Leap Toward Walking

Today Abigail "cruised" from one end of the couch to the other. (Apparently "cruising" is the developmental term for walking while holding on to furniture, etc. The things you learn when you have a baby...) She's still got a while before she really takes off - her balance still needs a little work. She will stand on her own for a couple seconds, but once she realizes she's not holding on to anything, she sits down or gets wobbly and falls over. It's only a matter of time until she figures out the whole walking thing. We're definitely not ready. We still haven't finished baby-proofing for the crawling stage!

Go Seahawks!!!!

Yeeeeeeaaaah! The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. Abigail cheered her little heart out during the game. (OK, maybe it was more like screaming because it was past her bedtime and she was tired but couldn't sleep with all the cheering going on.) Here she is showing off her team spirit.

So, who wants to see her in a super-cute Seahawks cheerleader's outfit for the Super Bowl? If we can track one down...
Oh, and if anyone's curious...you can get 2 tickets to the big game on Ebay for only $4,800!

Laundry Day

Friday & Saturday were laundry days. Abigail "helped" by playing with piles of laundry and getting a ride in a laundry basket from Daddy.

Why It's A Bad Idea To Have "Bare Bottom" Time After Eating Prunes For Lunch

Today Abigail had some prunes at lunchtime to keep things "running smoothly". Hours later, not thinking about the prunes, I decided she could use some bare-bottom time after being strapped into her diaper for a few days straight. (not the same diaper for a few days, just in diapers in general!) So, I let her roam around her crib for a bit and air out. Imagine my surprise when she started grunting a few minutes later. Oh no! I tried to grab a diaper and get her in it, but it was too late...

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

Spring has sprung...or so it seems here in mid-January. Today it was over 60 degrees! Abigail and I went for a walk to pick up a couple things from the store and on the way back we stopped at a little park a couple blocks away. It was her first visit, and she loved it. This is a park geared toward little ones, so I think when spring really comes we will be spending a lot of time there. Here she is on the swing and riding a bouncy animal. She went on the slide too, but I couldn't get a picture because I kept both hands on her the whole time to keep her from falling back and smacking her head! (Oh, and that gorgeous weather I was talking about? Guess what the forcast is for tomorrow - Snow. Go figure!)
Before looking at picture #3, I just want to remind you...perms are always super-tight and extra curly for the first few days. Yes, I got a perm, and this is Abigail's reaction about 60 seconds after I came in the door. Greeeat, like she didn't pull my hair enough already!

Confirmation of my suspicion

Update to Our Daughter the Genius: I decided to do a little experiment this morning to see if Abigail was really "getting" the sign for "more". While I was feeding her, I stopped and looked away. Soon, she started signing "more, more". I smiled and started feeding her again. Then later I stopped again. She started doing the sign again. We did this a couple times, then apparently my experiment was a little too effective. Abigail started doing the sign over and over and over, while I continued to feed her. She apparently thought that she had to keep doing it after every bite, or I would stop. She was grinning the whole time! Eventually, she stopped signing and I kept feeding her. When she seemed to lose interest in food, I stopped again, not sure if she was still hungry or not. She played with the cheerios on her tray for a minute, then started signing again. When I fed her some more she was actively eating - I guess she was still hungry, just needed a break. Nice that she can communicate that, now!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Our Daughter, The Genius

So, maybe she hasn't taken an IQ test yet, but Abigail seems to be showing signs of superior intellect. She's learning to wave "goodbye" and "hello" (and "look at me" and "I'm excited" and "that's fun" and.... OK, maybe she's just waving in general - but sometimes it really seems like she's understanding that it's something we do when we are joining or leaving a group of people.)

I've also been starting to attempt to teach her sign language. So far I am working on the signs for eat, more, milk, no, sleep, and change. Almost every time I do the signs, she stops what she's doing at looks at me with interest. She really seems to understand that I'm trying to communicate something to her. Today while I was feeding her some oatmeal, I got distracted and stopped feeding her. After a moment she started putting her hands together over and over - that's the sign for more!!! I don't know if she really understands what she did, or if she was just copying me because I kept doing it while I was feeding her. Either way, I'm convinced that she's brilliant!

Aye, Matey

Visiting Daddy at Work

Today Abigail visited Daddy at work. This is one of their biggest jobs of the year - lots of walkway, retaining walls, a water feature, etc.

Free Toys!

Today Abigail got a bunch of new toys for FREE! I recently joined the local Freecycle group (go to www.freecycle.org for more info and to find your local group), and today I picked up a big box of toys from a total stranger. Abigail definitely seems to be enjoying the ones she's played with so far.

You Can't Always Get What You Want, and Voracious Appetite For Books

Now that Abigail is crawling, she tries to get into everything she can reach. In my optimism, I am trying to teach Abigail to respond to verbal direction when she's going for a no-no, instead of always just picking her up and moving her away from the tempting but off-limits item. When I say "Abigail, NO", she does seem to understand that I don't want her doing whatever she's doing, but I don't always get the response I'm wanting. (Surprise, surprise.) Sometimes she does crawl away and go find something else. More often she looks up at me with a big fake-looking smile and then a look on her face like "What? I'm your little angel, remember. Please let me, please, please!" Here she is caught in the act while going after a stack of phonebooks.

In my childhood I was a voracious reader, devouring books as fast as I could. Apparently Abigail has a healthy appetite for books too - except she is actually trying to eat them. (Speaking of which - remember those phone books? She ate part of one yesterday. Oh joy.)

Jan 11 & 12

January 12; Box 'O Abigail: Abigail has a new box for storing her toys. It also works as a baby mobility inhibitor, but she gets really mad after she realizes that she can’t get out. Here she is having fun before the novelty wore off.

January 11; New Toy: Today Abigail got a new toy. It rolls and spins and lights up and makes noise and music – Wow!

Jan 8, 9, 10

Jan 10; Peek-a-Boo, and Our Little Picasso: Abigail has liked peek-a-boo for a month or two, but now she’s come up with a new way to play the game. She initiates it herself by covering up her face (usually while I’m trying to feed her), and then grinning when she peeks out again. That's Picture #1.
Picture #2 is her first documented piece of artwork – an abstract fingerpainting. Unfortunately, there was no way to preserve the original work, since the primary medium she chose to use was regurgitated baby food, applied onto the dining room floor.

Jan 9; C'm 'ere You!: Today Abigail figured out that she can basically get to wherever she wants to go by crawling. That means – no more putting her in the middle of the floor on a blanket and expecting her to stay there! Yikes, we have a lot of baby-proofing to do. We just realized today that the gaping hole underneath our dishwasher might need to be dealt with, pronto!

Jan. 8; Awww...I'm Cute As A Button: I just couldn’t decide what to send, so today you get a picture AND a video. (except that I can't post video on the blog, so just the picture here. Video was in the emailed version). Abigail is very excited that she has learned to pull herself up to standing and sit back down with no assistance. The video was taken when she was practicing in her crib. For about 2 or 3 minutes she just stood up, sat down, stood up, sat down, stood up, sat down – over and over, while grinning the whole time. Of course once I got the camera going, she slowed down and started to lose interest, so you only get a little action.

Jan 4, 5, 6

Jan. 6; Fluorescent Girl: Sorry for no POD yesterday. Aaron and I both got hit with a nasty flu-like bug. Not fun. We’re both feeling better today. Abigail doesn’t seem to have gotten anything, she’s just been happy playing and squealing and flailing her arms – like in this picture.

Jan. 5; Pack Me Up, I'm Coming To Visit: Abigail likes our new suitcase – she either thinks it’s a big toy, or she wants us to ship her back to the Northwest for another visit.

Jan. 4; Flying Home: I know that you all are already suffering from Abigail withdrawal symptoms, so I thought I better resume the Picture of the Day immediately. Here is Abigail on the plane between Las Vegas and Kansas City. We were very happy to end up having all 3 seats in our row, even though we only purchased two tickets. Both legs of our flight were mostly full, but we ended up with an open seat each time. Yeah! It was nice having a little room where Abigail could play. (She did sleep some, but not the whole flight.)

We are glad to be done living out of suitcases, but sad to be away from family again. We had such a great time with all of you. Thanks for all you did to make our trip a great one! Abigail seems very happy to be home, and is quickly learning how to crawl on the slippery wood floors. In her room, there is a mirror with a picture frame attached. In the frame is a picture of all four grandparents. I often try to hold her up to look at the picture, but she would always just get excited about seeing her reflection in the mirror. Today I was holding her and she got excited when she looked in that direction. I held her up to the mirror, thinking that she would give herself sloppy kisses. She ignored the mirror and went right for the picture, grabbing at it and smiling. She loves her grandparents!!

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